Viviana Lorenzini


”Nothing is more rewarding than sharing my experience on orchids, so that others can avoid my own mistakes”

I’m Viviana, my passion for orchids began over twenty years ago with a Cymbidium hybrid.

Seeking rules on its cultivation, I was struck by these wonderful creatures. As if they were indispensable for my survival, I began looking for cultivation notions on other species that I thought were simpler than others. I made my first purchase from the Riboni nursery, where I chose a Maxillaria tenuifolia, never seen in flower until I moved it to the greenhouse and a Maxillaria schunkeana, which I decided to grow on a raft and of which I will spare you the sad ending.

After the purchase of these first two species, I was inebriated by the charm of these flowers, which are so perfect and complex, compared to what I have seen before. A real compulsion, from which I think and hope I will never recover, has pervaded me, and has accompanied me faithfully for the past 8 years.

I started by growing Stanhopeae, Catasetum, Cycnoches, Mormodes and many smaller species. Recently, also thanks to the friendship with Marco, a new great love has taken place, achieved in a period that I could define as orchidophilic maturity: it is His Majesty Cattleya. In the past I had tried to avoid this group of orchids, as they were considered difficult to grow by man. But this is not at all true in a broad sense. However, when it comes to true love, sooner or later it has to blossom.

I make my experience available to anyone who needs advice, both for purchases and for plants already in possession. Nothing is more rewarding than sharing my experience on orchids so that others can avoid my own mistakes.

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