Marco Cirpi


“I started as a child, with my grandfather, to sow seeds from plants of all kinds on the Euganean Hills. Then came the passion for orchids and a new adventure began”.

My name is Marco and my story begins as a child. Always a lover of greenery, I started with my grandfather to sow bulbs of all kinds in the countryside and plants of all kinds in the Euganean Hills.

My passion already existed when, much later, in 2005 I had love at first sight with orchids during a green fair. Fascinated by such beauty, I bought my first hybrid Cattleya and from then on it was a succession of purchases, even compulsive ones, with many successes and disappointments.

On a hot summer day, the roof of a small greenhouse, which I had built on the terrace, killed my small collection of plants. After this disappointment, I didn’t want to start a new adventure. The thought remained with me until, in 2010, much more trained and informed, I slowly resumed buying orchids, specializing in Cattleya and other genres.

Fortunately I have met many people who care about these wonders of nature, first of all my dear friend Viviana with whom I started a new wonderful adventure.

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